Denture services

Full dentures

We use quality teeth taking into account the age, gender,face shape, and skin tone of each patient to ensure the teeth suit their face. The teeth are set in wax so you can try them in and see exactly what the finished product will look like, making "tweaking" easier for that perfect look for you.

Immediate dentures

Your natural teeth have reached the end of their life? Working in with your dentist we can make you a set of immediate dentures so that when your teeth are extracted your denture can be fitted straight away. *In 3 to 6 months after your mouth has healed you will need a reline for a better fit.

Chrome cobalt metal partials

Less bulky, stronger partials last the distance. With 35 years experience we know what we are doing. Be assured our partials are made on site, no overseas products here.

Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partials elimiate the need for clasps. They are thinner and contour your mouth for a closer more malleable fit.

Plastic Acrylic Partials

These are a cheaper alternative to either a metal or flexible partial but are more than satisfactory in most cases.


This can improve the fit of your existing dentures. We offer a same day service ie: 8:30am/9:00am appointment and pick up at 3:30/4:30 pm


No appt. necessary.We can do them in 2-3 hours.
We will do it for *FREE if you book in for a new set.
*We require payment of the repair but take it off the price of the new one.
Note: When making Immediate dentures and all types of partials we require a Oral Health Certificate from your Dentist. This is a note to say your existing teeth are to be extracted or remaining teeth are okay to have a partial fitted.
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